Creating a File

NOTE: Please know that this does overwrite the file if it does not exist
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public void createFile(String fileContent, String filename, String location){
    try {
        String pathtofile = location+"/"+filename;

        // This is location you want the file to be.
        // Example would be... '/Users/dan/Desktop/myfile.txt'

        File f = new File(location); // Create a file with that location

        if(!(f.exists)){ // If file does not already exist, create one.

        FileWriter writer = new FileWriter(f.getAbsoluteFile());
        BufferedWriter bufWriter = new BufferedWriter(writer); 
        // Writer to write on file

        bufWriter.write(fileContent); // Writing...
        bufWriter.close(); // Close the writer
    } catch (IOException e) {

Now when you want to create a file, all you must do is call the method with the correct parameters!
Also remember NOT to add a slash at the end of the file location!
Make it something like…

createFile("Random File Content!!!", "coolfile.txt", "Users/dan/Desktop");

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