Since our last update on Translight, we have greatly refined the Translight code to better suit the project’s needs. Much of our code has been shortened to decreased the delays and latencies between each bit-transfer in Translight. Due to the fact that we are dealing with light-data transferring at approximately 30Hz-1000Hz, the delay that is created by the micro-controllers when they read and run the code must be taken into account, as what may seem like a negligible latency may be one that corrupts all signal transfer. This is why it has taken us months to refine the software to compress the code as much as possible. However, with this said, there still remains a significant amount of development in this particular area on Translight.

Alongside the beta testing of our LXScript and YScript developments, we shall be implementing Translight software packages to allow for developers to begin engineering with Translight. Yet, we are currently in the planning process of such package, however, updates to LXScript and YScript shall be rolled out soon.

And as for our future endeavours, We are also planning on investing in more capable hardware to allow for more seamless data transmission Currently, we are facing issues regarding our MDEG (Mass Data Efficiency Guard) Plugin for Translight. Our problem currently lies in synchronisation, and we hope that our new hardware, alongside major software updates, will help fix these problems.

The following is a small snippet of code on our Reciever V2 script (With still some to finish)

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 1.03.36 PM