Hello All.

Welcome to the first post regarding the Translight initation project that we are conducting here at LeftInDust Software Developments.

[Translight is] a new approach to ameliorate modern data-transfer, or other-wise known as the internet. We are taking a big approach at trying to introduce our new technology to provide engineers with the baby steps to innovate the future – (LeftInDust, 2017)

To elaborate, we shall be introducing a new form of data-transfer in that it shall use visible/non-visible light to transfer data. With this, a new and cheaper method of daily live shall be introduced, whilst persisting quality and efficiency. Have developed a revolutionary software platform that shall be integrated into the Translight project.

MDEG: Mass Data Efficiency Guard
Ensuring the seamless transfer of large data packets throughout a Translight system.

IFS: Intelligent Formatting System
Compressing data packages in the most efficient way possible.

AIRIS: Artificially Intelligent Recieve-Input System
To make sure that Translight systems operate as they should, a mini smart-bot will have a robotic P2P “conversation” to determine errors in Translight systems.

SES: Security Ensure System
Using specially crafted algorithms, advanced Maths, and randomness, the SES is able to use other Translight features, such as AIRIS, to ensure safety for both the user and client (Server, if applicable).

LLDA: Live Light Delay Assessment
In partnership with AIRIS and MDEG, LLDA accounts for light delays in the transfer of data between two points.

Yet, with such modern features, one must not be fooled into believing that the quality of the project will have a horrendous price tag. In comparison to many internet companies, we are developing the cheapest data transfer that money can buy. To buy all the materials, a maximum cost would be ~200$ USD; however, to downgrade some of the materials could almost cut this cost in half. In fact, we are also currently implementing 5$ USD computer chips into our project, so one could expect a net cost that is south of 40$ USD.

We have developed the TTCP (Translight Transfer Control Panel) API, in VA#0, to allow for developers to take advantage of the technology that we are building. We are currently in the midst of ordering a new set of photodiodes to further increase the efficiency and speed of the Translight System.  This alongside the major upgrades that we plan to put in the TTCP will allow for a great end product.

However, with Leftindust’s limited resources, we must endeavour the technological community experts to seek support in making such project. We are currently in contact with Mr. Bradley Thompson, a University of Illinois alum, in regards to things that he would recommend to make the project better.

Overall, we plan to keep you updated on LeftInDust’s future endeavours regarding the Translight project. Please contact us via the Purchase section if you would like to be admitted to the TTCP Beta Program.


Kind regards,

Daniel Shirvani


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