The Mine Survey tool is almost finished and ready for release. This tool is based off a microcontroller that processes gyroscopic & magnetic information to locate itself in the ground, and detect .

The software behind the microcontroller, “Leftindust Survey Tool”, is able to efficiently extract information to & from the gyroscope, as well as any other sensors. It manages a continuous pipeline of information coming from the gyroscope. Something important to consider is that the Survey Tool software is written in Java, but data coming from the gyroscope is coming from a Python script using manufacturer-built libraries. Gyroscope data is continually put into memory & read by the survey tool software in realtime (or as close to realtime as possible, considering writing delay). The next steps for this project would be creating a front-end tool to directly interface the gyroscope. That would not only make the software much more usable, but if done properly, may reduce the resource-intensity on the microcontroller, as well as reduce data lag.

Below are two image previews of the survey tool (not running on microcontroller, virtualized in IDE).