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leftindust (all lowercase) is a small group of people looking to make a difference in the healthcare world through software development. This project officially started in 2016 as a small repository of open-source code libraries. Since then, the group has expanded to 8 people with multiple on-going collaborative projects.

Our major project is an Electronic Medical Records system, with the end of goal of building a well-equipped & financially sustainable patient management system for clinics across the globe.

We are in a unique position to develop medical technologies, as our members are well-networked within the British Columbia medical system, and our developers have a high level of experience in the industry by working with various small organizations.

As to why you should be interested – we are a startup working with new technologies & applying them to real-world problems with wide-reaching effects. We are in a very early stage of growth, so your contributions may significantly affect this project’s direction.

Feel free to get in touch with us 🙂

Meet the team

Daniel Shirvani
Founder & CEO
Marcus Dunn
Technology Lead
Aydan Gaite
UI/UX Developer
Boris Vasilchikov
Backend Developer
Grayson King
Mechatronics Engineer
Callum Dye
Paul Zhang
Graham Seltzer

Medical Advisors

Dr. Maziar Badii
Director & Rheumatologist at ARTUS
Dr. John Vyselaar
Head of Cardiology at Lions Gate Hospital

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Get in touch with the team with any inquiries about our projects.

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