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What we want to do to help you.

Make Lives Easier

We plan to shape a better future by making a perfect linkage between software and hardware.

Simplify Computing

With many of our API’s currently in development, we are turning thousands of lines of code into just a few. With the simplification that our API’s bring, developers and engineers are able to focus on what really matters: getting things done.


At LeftInDust, we are working to help the programming community by educating our fellow developers to help build software that will inevitably build our future.


A glimpse into the ways of the future.

Innovation at its finest.
  • We have finally finished the Speeder Game using our LID-GD1(M:A01) software package to show off some of the API's capabilities. Will be released to public soon.

  • A new approach to ameliorate modern data-transfer, or other-wise known as the internet. We are taking a big approach at trying to introduce our new technology to provide engineers with the baby steps to innovate the future.

  • Many agree that game design is a great way to educate youth to think computationally and problem solve. And so, with this in mind, we had set out to develop the LID-GDE or the Leftindust Game Design Engine Line up. We are developing a software package featuring different game engines/API's that we have developed to greatly simplify the processes of making a game.

Who I Am

Daniel Shirvani

CEO & Founder

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